Men · Bum Bag


Stash and go with a bum bag for men

Fusing athletic convenience and street style, you won’t want to leave the house without one of these wrap-around bags. With the option of having the pouch sit behind your back or at the front, there’s always room for customisation. You can even throw the loop over your shoulder for a more casual look. Light fabrics such as polyester keep the weight off your hips so that you can power through your activities. Bum bags for men come in casual lifestyle models intended for social outings, as well as fitness models that go the extra distance.

Break a sweat with men’s bum bags 

Equipped with the right accessories, you can take your training up a notch or two. The Reebok collection lets you carry essential items such as your phone and keys during your workouts without having them drag down the pockets of your shorts or trousers. Main compartments are securely closed with zips, while side pockets offer extra storage. Adjustable straps ensure the bag sits firmly around your waist where you find it most comfortable, staying in place for the duration of your training. Jump, bend and lunge with intensity, knowing your valuables are with you every step of the way. Simple buckle mechanisms allow you to strap men’s bum bags on and off without delay.

Go hands-free your way with a Reebok bum bag

With sizes ranging from small pouches that fit just over 1 L to larger models capable of carrying around 7 L, there’s an ideal design for every man. Fitness versions come in sleek, minimally coloured designs and there are groovy lifestyle options that showcase some retro flair. Bum bags for men look natural alongside Reebok training shorts and a pair of streamlined trainers. Delivering hour-by-hour practicality and a modern street edge, there’s no reason not to be strapped up when you head out the door.