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Classics Foundation Bucket Hat


Get funky in men’s bucket hats

A fashion accessory that has come full circle, this collection of headwear doesn’t shirk attention. The style has evolved since becoming a hit in the 1980s and holds a retro edge to this day. Prominently seen at music concerts and bars, the designs are inherently linked to alternative culture and will show that you’re down with the latest trends. Models come in a range of cool colour schemes that showcase the iconic striped Reebok logo. Lively and edgy, men’s bucket hats put you in prime position to impress.

Bucket hats for men go deeper than fashion

Despite being viewed as an essential streetwear item, these hats also have functional practicality. Broad brims loop around the base and shield your eyes from sun glare. Being sun-smart has never looked so stylish and you’ll be the envy of your friends who aren’t prepared. Bucket hats for men are made with lightweight materials such as nylon that won’t drag you down. The slight designs ensure comfort throughout the day and into the night. Small eyelets allow consistent airflow and stop your head from overheating in the harsh summer sun.

Deck yourself out with a men's casual bucket hat

Rocking a fresh men’s bucket hat is certainly the cherry on top, but dressing head-to-toe in sleek apparel lifts things up a notch. These accessories look particularly great when matched with a classic Reebok T-shirt, as the cohesion of street style has a cumulative effect. You can step up your retro vibe by flashing a pair of classic Reebok leather or suede shoes. If you’re targeting festival attire, combine your chosen hat with a bum bag and a loud pair of crew socks for a complete package. Loose, floppy builds mean the hats can easily fit any head and there are large sizes available for those with particularly big craniums.