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Black walking shoes for men packed with sports technology

Don't be fooled by the name – our walking shoes feature all the same high-performance sports technology that goes into our iconic trainers. They're designed with comfort uppermost in our minds, and will put a spring in your step in the same way that our trainers help to give an athletic bounce-back effect. You'll be able to walk for longer without feeling fatigued, thanks to all the support that we've built into them. Tough rubber and synthetic outsoles give ample amounts of grip to help keep you sure-footed on any terrain.

Men's black walking shoes to take you anywhere you want

We use our advance memory foam materials to give immediate comfort from the moment you slip on our black walking shoes for men. They fit snugly over your feet without giving any sort of constrictive feeling, with a choice of leather or textile uppers. They’re very flexible, as well as being lightweight, with breathable materials that keep your feet cool and help to prevent sweat build-up. The result is a comfortable walk that will make keeping fit a completely enjoyable activity, whether you ramble a few miles a day or go on serious trail-hiking weekends.

Reebok men's walking shoes to round off your Reebok wardrobe

A sturdy, weather-resistant Reebok windbreaker is the perfect accessory for the serious regular walker or hiker, with protective high collars or full hoods to keep off the elements. If keeping fit under any circumstances is important to you, a pair of warm, water-repellent tracksuit bottoms will combine nicely with your jacket. For longer walks you'll want a handy Reebok hiking backpack, with space for your water bottle, trail snacks and any extra items of clothing you need to take along. Protect your head from the sun with a Reebok cap and you'll be ready to go, day after day.