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Black flip flops for men – the global choice for sportsmen

A pair of classic flip flops is a must in any sportsman's wardrobe. From after-game showers at your local club to relaxing with your teammates over a British summer barbecue on a day off, these footwear essentials have taken over the globe. You'll even see the world's top sportsmen wearing them in post-match interviews. In other words, they're about one thing only: comfort and relaxation. Make sure you always have yours handy in your training bag, whether you're out for a solo gym session or getting ready for team practice. They're perfectly acceptable to wear around the house too, of course.

Not your average men's black sliders

Our black flip flops for men feature very much the same attention to detail and advanced technology that we put into our world-renowned and trusted trainers. Fashion-wise, they have the usual distinctive sleek beach silhouette that we all recognise. They feature durable synthetic uppers and tough herringbone outsoles that provide excellent additional traction, especially on wet surfaces in the gym changing room. Our poolside flip flops can take getting wet in their stride, thanks to a soft moulded EVA material, designed to dry exceptionally quickly. Our steadfast dedication to giving you a sporting edge is carried through even into the ultimate in sports-leisure footwear.

Men's black flip flops that you can slip on with almost anything

You can wear your Reebok flip flops with or without socks; if you choose to do so we have the perfect companions in the form of our invisible socks, which keep your feet snug and loosely comfortable. When you're next to the pool, you can slip on a pair of Reebok board shorts and a T-shirt as well, and you'll be all sorted. They're designed to go anywhere, giving you the ultimate in casual comfort and sporting style.