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The perfect black hoodie for men is right here

The final cherry on the top of your outdoor or winter training outfit is a stylish Reebok black hoodie. They're incredibly versatile – you can don a warm and cosy one when you're out on a chilly early morning run, or ramp it up to something waterproof if you need to train in some light rainy weather. Our workout-ready gym hoodies are designed get your muscles carefully warmed up before a weight session, and there are purpose-designed hoodies to match your chosen sport. They make great training gear, especially for winter sports like football. Your whole team will want one when you turn up at practice in your new Reebok black hoodie.

Men's black hoodies given the full benefit of modern research

Only the most advanced materials go into a black hoodie for men that comes out of the Reebok factory. We typically use a combination of fabrics that encourage comfort and warmth, without unduly raising your body temperature when you're training. Cotton and polyester fleece are combined with ribbed cuffs and hems, some of which are elasticated for a very secure fit. You also get plenty of room to stow an energy bar or gel sachet in the handy kangaroo pockets, which can be zipped up to make sure that nothing falls out when you're running.

Black hoodies for men that will match any training outfit

Once you've chosen the right hoodie for your training purposes, it's easy to find matching Reebok tracksuit bottoms to go with it. They're made from the same high-tech materials, and will help to keep you cool with their sweat-wicking properties. Of course, our famous Reebok trainers will complement this training outfit to a tee, and you'll be able to find a pair that has been purposefully designed to help you train the way you prefer.