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Versatile backpacks for men, fit for all purposes

The casual urban backpack is possibly one of the best inventions of our time. They're so easy to use for almost any purpose. Excellent gym bags, their handily placed compartments make them perfect sports bags as well, in which you can keep all your different items of kit neatly separated. Some of them also have outside compartments, so you can use them as serious trail-hiking backpacks. Or just use yours as an everyday backpack to carry a laptop and all the other things you need to work or play on the go. We've thought of all the uses you might have for them as part of an active lifestyle, and made provision for everything. All that remains is to choose the one that's right for you.

Men’s backpacks you can rely on for ease of use and durability

Our backpacks for men feature some very smart technology and design. The basic active backpack has firm yet plush cushioned straps that you can adjust as you need. Zipped inner compartments prevent things from falling around inside, so you can jog with them too. They're made from ultra-light polyester fabric so won't add any noticeable extra weight once you've filled them. Our dedicated training models are made from resilient canvas with compression straps and front webbing bands. They also come complete with a handy separate mesh bag that you can use to put gym clothes in after your workout.

It's so easy to fill your men's backpacks

When it comes to choosing what to put in your Reebok backpack, you need do no more than cast your eye over our complete ranges of trainers and other sportswear. Select the right bag for your activity and you'll find it custom-designed to carry items like our gym shoes, tracksuits and other exercise accessories. You can use the external straps of our men’s backpacks for your rolled-up gym mats, too. We really have thought of everything you'll need to perform at your peak and never have to leave a thing behind.