From gym to yoga studio, mats are essential fitness accessories

We've taken the staid old gym mat and spiced it up. Not just by turning this reliable gym accessory into an eye-catching fashion accessory – we've significantly upgraded the thought and technology that goes into it as well. These mats will give you all the underfoot security you could want – simply roll yours out on any surface and you're ready to hit your routine. They also provide firm but gentle cushioning on harder surfaces, and will prove to be excellent value when you're exercising outside. They'll help you achieve good form, great posture and the confidence to reach for evermore flexibility.

Versatile Reebok mats for the serious trainer

Our mats are always made from dependable and durable materials. A non-slip textured surface helps to improve traction and the entire surface area is supported by a layer of high-tech cushioning. Our specialised yoga mats will help you take your callisthenic performance to your limit, by simultaneously absorbing pressure and giving you support. They're aimed at the elite yoga enthusiast, which also means that anyone still striving to reach that level will have a superb foundation to work from.

Gym and yoga mats for all training requirements

A rewarding training session starts with getting your feet sorted. Our low-profile gym and yoga shoes do just the job, as do our training socks and ankle socks for men and women. Women can then complete an indoor training outfit with leggings and a tank top or a high-performance Reebok long bra. You can even find colours to match your mat. Men can head to the training shorts section and round it all off in style with a classic Reebok gym bag. We can kit you out from head to toe right here – your next studio workout is sorted.