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Stay centred with the perfect yoga mat

Yoga is a deceptively intense workout. Sure, it's low impact, and, at lower levels, it can be relatively simple, but if it's something you're serious about, then you need to be sure that you've got all the support you need. That's why you need a yoga mat that will help to keep you comfortable and supported as you move through those challenging poses. With laser-cut holes that provide added breathability, you can be sure that you'll stay cool and comfortable throughout the entire session.

The correct yoga mat keeps your focus where it needs to be

If you're always stopping to adjust your mat or wipe it clean of moisture, you're never going to be able to focus on your workout. Pilates mats that stay secure and keep you cool allow you to remain calm and centred so that you can focus on maintaining your form and getting the most out of every single workout. Whether its yoga or Pilates, the last thing you need is something playing on your mind when you're trying to find inner peace.

Yoga mats aren't the only essential workout gear you need

You're going to need more than just a mat if you really want to get the most out of any yoga workout. The right clothes can make a huge difference, as well. A pair of compression tights allow you to stay cool and comfortable thanks to sweat-wicking fabric, while the mesh inserts offer added ventilation. Not only that, but the angled side seams mean that nothing will impede your flexibility, allowing you to hit even the most challenging poses with ease. Similarly, a workout bra that provides the support you need means that you have full freedom of movement without sacrificing your comfort.