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The perfect training mat for all types of sport

Sit, stretch, focus and breathe. If you need a comfy training mat that’s stable, grippy and lightweight, look no further than the Reebok training mat. Perfect for athletes or yogis on the move, this training mat by Reebok is made for all types of ground training, with a 7 mm thickness and stable, rigid base. It is lightweight, compact and quick to roll, making it easy for you to carry when on the move between home and training. Made from PVC-free NBR foam, the mat has a padded, cushioning surface providing supreme comfort from the beginning to the end of your workout.

Focus on Your Footwork with a Reebok Training Mat

The Reebok training mat is designed to stay put as you move, allowing you to focus on your fitness routine rather than always adjusting your mat. In-built with a rigid base grip, the mat will stick to the floor with maximum stability, while the non-slip texture helps you balance and maintain your grip through your workout. The 7 mm thickness is suitable for all ground types, meaning you can train anywhere and everywhere: on grass in your backyard, concrete in the park or hardwood floors in the office. With a soft, cushioning layer between you and the floor, nothing can stop you from training at your best.

Mats to Fit Your Lifestyle and Mood

Whether you lift heavy in the gym, run long distance, cycle, swim, dance or practise yoga, these mats are designed to match all your fitness goals and needs. Pair with yoga leggings or running shorts, depending on your game. Easy to clean with a sleek design, the lightweight mat will keep you feeling fresh, balanced and able to concentrate on your stretches. Warm up and cool down with ease, comfort and security. Never miss a step with the Reebok training mat at your side.