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Maternity Clothing


Hug your belly and your baby comfortably with Reebok’s maternity clothes

The last thing you want during your pregnancy is maternity clothes that rub against your body and leave a nasty red mark on your precious baby bump. In Reebok’s selection for future mothers, you can find sports gear that pampers your baby belly by hugging it lovingly, such as soft tights that feature stretchy high-waist bands to give your baby maximum comfort while it is rocked to sleep during your prenatal yoga routine or gentle run. Perfectly fitted tank tops made of sweat-wicking fabric and supportive bras do the rest to top up your active mum style.

Experience maximum support when you work out with our maternity designs

Pregnancy is wonderful, but it also puts a lot of strain on your body, which is why it is so important to offer the maximum support. You want to keep your body safe and sound during this time and offer the greatest possible comfort. Our maternity bras hoist up your sensitive breasts and support them in a soft and sweat-wicking fabric. You can decide what suits you better thanks to the removable padding, and our maternity bras also function as nursing bras, with easy-release clips, so that you can nurse after the baby is born. Extra support also awaits you with our maternity tank tops. As your bump grows, movement may be increasingly challenging, but with ribbed belly details for a firm yet soft touch to the skin, you’re well-equipped for your prenatal workouts.  

Opt for a cutting-edge style when getting your mother-to-be clothes

Just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style – maybe on flexibility and agility a little, but never style. With an array of tights, tank tops and nursing/maternity bras in our mothers’ clothes, you can mix and match to your heart’s (and tummy's) content. In sleek and simple black, you can slim down your curves a little, or you can add a zest of colour to your outfit with a blue or pink tank top or a pair of tights to show off baby even more prominently.  

Maternity sport clothes to get the most out of your pre-natal routine

There’s absolutely no need to sacrifice fitness while you're expecting. There are all kinds of lower-impact activities you can take part in, as long as you're carefully following your doctor's guidance. Our maternity sportswear is designed to help you stick to your fitness routine as much as you can, with a very strong, almost singular focus on supporting you and your unborn child. These clothes look good as well, but this is very much a secondary consideration for us. As with all other Reebok clothing, the primary consideration is helping the serious athlete or fitness aficionado achieve peak performance, while also helping to prevent injury and aid your activity using the latest fabric technologies and construction techniques.