One of the ultimate trainers: the Reebok Lite

It doesn't matter whether you need a trainer for light fitness, maintenance jogging around your neighbourhood, entering a more serious "fun run", or to really give it hell for leather on the training track – this is the versatile running shoe that will support you in every situation. The ultra-lightweight construction will help to keep you going when the lactic acid kicks in and the last thing you need is for your feet to start feeling heavier. We've placed as much emphasis on comfort as we have on performance, adding extra layers of cushioning without any significant increase in weight.

A featherweight Reebok trainer with heavyweight performance

The Reebok Lite model is one of our most versatile trainers, thanks to all the technology we've crammed into it. First off, the entire construction is based on an extremely lightweight EVA outsole, which has been intelligently contoured to provide maximum support. On to this we layer an EVA midsole, designed to give you arch support. We then add an equally carefully designed die-cut sockliner, also employing EVA technology. This provides enhanced comfort and adds to the durability of your shoe. Topping all this off is our lightweight, breathable mesh upper. The resulting combination is the stuff of runners’ dreams.

A classic trainer you can wear with practically anything

Of course, the natural first choice to head for if you're kitting yourself out for running will be a pair of Reebok running shorts and a matching T-shirt. For warm-up and colder weather purposes, a versatile tracksuit with your favourite Reebok logo is just the ticket. Ladies will find plenty of leggings that are absolutely perfect for athletics training. Even if all you're looking for is a casual trainer, you can match it with a Reebok backpack or windbreaker.