Lightweight Jackets


A light jacket that serves you well no matter what sport you play

A comfortable, multi-functional lightweight jacket is just the thing you need to protect you from inclement weather when you're outside burning the calories. You can wear it as an outer layer when on a training run or use it as a windbreaker when you're practising any outdoor sports, from football and rugby to hockey or cricket, women included. It will help you focus on playing the game in front of you without being distracted by getting cold or wet. You'll be able to give your all on the pitch while also feeling comfortable.

A lightweight jacket range to suit all your sporting needs

All of our light jackets are made from advanced materials that help to mitigate against rain, cold and perspiration. The latest speedwick fabrics deal with sweat very efficiently, helping to keep you comfortably dry even when you're gasping for breath after a set of training drills. Other models are equally useful as running jackets, with a durable mixture of polyester and elastane and a loose fit for uninhibited movement. Some of them even come with articulated elbows to further assist you to perform at your athletic peak, come rain or shine.

Mix and match versatility from your Reebok lightweight jacket

The sky is virtually the limit when you want to combine your jacket with other sports wear or sports accessories. For a start, it will match any Reebok tracksuit with ease, to complete your protective training layer. Otherwise, you can combine our crop jackets with snug fitting tights to keep cosy, or don a night running jacket with some flexible leggings. If versatility is important to you in your training wear, then you need look no further than the Reebok ranges, including our much-admired all-purpose trainers.