Lightweight hiking boots


Fly the distance with lightweight hiking boots

Don’t let extra weight hold you down as you aim to reach the top of the hill or run like the wind – thanks to this selection of lightweight hiking boots by Reebok. Designed to help you reach optimal performance in the highest possible comfort, these lightweight styles of trainers will have you moving flexibly thanks to the inclusion of a mesh upper. A synthetic upper will give you additional protection, while the use of a lace closure adds stability to every step you make by helping you reach the perfect fit.

Lightweight hiking shoes that help you go the distance

In order to achieve the perfect lightweight hiking trainers, Reebok has used a variety of high-quality lightweight materials in its designs, to ensure your feet are fully protected without adding unnecessary weight to your shoes. These include lightweight rubber outsoles for optimal traction on various terrains, as well as lightweight protection on the inside such as EVA cushioning, which can absorb shock and help you make the most of your energy. The addition of mesh panels in the design of the uppers provides extra breathability and enables your feet to stay dry even when you’re at your most active.

Lightweight shoes are just the beginning

Reebok has designed a large range of lightweight hiking gear to ensure you can reach your target feeling as light as a feather, and this selection of hiking boots is just the beginning. Go for a complete outfit by choosing a pair of lightweight shorts and a top, pick a lightweight jacket for protection from the wind and rain, and if you want to carry a few additional items on your hike then look for a lightweight Reebok backpack, which can hold your necessities without adding strain on your back.