Lifter PR and Legacy Lifter Shoes


Lifter PR and Legacy Lifter Shoes for the ultimate in weightlifting footwear

Achieving your weightlifting goals demands grit, strength and technique with the assistance of the correct training gear, and that’s why Reebok inaugurated a stellar collection of Lifter PR shoes for women and men to help you reach and then surpass your targets. The sturdy Reebok Lifter PR shoe for men is strengthened with a POWERBAX TPU layer for incredible stability and tolerance with laces and an instep strap to keep your feet snug and secure. Then there is the Reebok Legacy Lifter sporting a superbly engineered undersole, Exoframe heel design and double instep straps for the ultimate in weightlifting shoe.

Feel fearless wearing Reebok Lifter PR shoes

Employ Reebok Lifter PR shoes when you need a ruggedly superior shoe for balance, traction and support. The Legacy Lifter is available to men and women, so anyonecan take advantage of its distinctive engineering when stepping under the squat bar, setting your feet for the leg press or steeling your entire body for the clean and jerk. In fact, whatever your schedule on those leg training days that require you to be fearless, know that you can entrust your feet to the Legacy Lifter or the Lifter PR trainer to anchor your entire body.

Show you’re up to the task in Reebok Legacy Lifter trainers

The Cross training Unisex Engineered Crew sock and your pair of Reebok Lifter trainers is like a hand in glove, and along with the Reebok Cross training Wristband, Cross training Wrist Wraps or Cross training Lifting straps are perfectly complementary accessories that are available to everyone. Basic attire well suited for weightlifting, such as the Reebok Cross training ‘Clean & Jerk’ Muscle Tank top, Cross training Medium-Impact bra and Cross training MyoKnit tights create a solid outfit for women while the Reebok Cross training Games Compression tee and Cross training USA shorts show that men are up to the task.