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Speedwick Speed Shorts
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Les Mills® Epic Shorts
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Reebok Les Mills shorts are lightweight and optimise free-flowing motion

Get ready for your turbo-charged workout in our versatile line-up of Reebok Les Mills shorts dedicated to help you accept the challenge to meet or exceed your fitness targets. Featuring our superb Speedwick fabric, these lightweight shorts are geared for moisture protection as you sweat through each routine, and their roomy design optimises free-flowing motion so you can perform with confidence as you move effortlessly from one set of drills to another. We have also used recyclable polyester materials in their construction to keep pace with environmental standards and deliver to you a safe and reliable product.

Versatile Les Mills Reebok shorts invigorate your indoor winter workouts

Studio workouts offer an all-weather environment where Les Mills Reebok shorts can be worn, so don’t be put off by the cold weather if your weekly winter workouts include yoga, dancercise or more high-energy classes like BODYPUMP™ or some of the other cardio programs endorsed by the folks at Les Mills. Moreover, spin classes and indoor basketball are a couple of other sports where shorts are well suited, and if you among those who love the feeling of cool air against your skin when you jog, walk or run, then be our guest and enjoy yourself.

Affordable Reebok Les Mills shorts give the competition a run for their money

Our Reebok Les Mills shorts are priced to give the competition a run for their money while ensuring that you derive maximum value for yours, but it also means that you might have saved enough to treat yourself to a second item from our online store as well. In which case, you’ll probably want to take a look at our attractive t-shirts and tank tops for a few practical choices to accompany your shorts, or preview our collection of hoodies, jackets and sweatshirts, sweatpants and hats to combat the low temperatures and the wind chill factor during winter.