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Be your ultimate best with Les Mills equipment

You’re always on the lookout for the latest fitness trends and healthy-eating regimens, so it’s only fitting that your gym clothing utilises the newest and best technology to help you perform at your peak. Les Mills equipment makes use of Speedwick tech to provide superb moisture absorption, wicking away the sweat from your skin while you push your body to the limit. Lightweight fabrics with meshing keep the air flowing and your body cool while you burn calories. As you breathe hard, your Les Mills clothing does too.

Stay comfortable while working out in Les Mills clothing

Apart from keeping your body cool with its Speedwick tech, the soft and lightweight Les Mills equipment collection will ensure you’re comfortable while hitting the gym hard or taking to the road in your running shoes. When you feel comfy, you’ll stay focused – no distractions. Thanks to the clothing line’s stretchy materials and minimalist designs, you’ll have plenty of room to manoeuvre for unrestricted squats and lunges. Track pants and leggings have added support in the form of reinforced waistbands, so you can fully stretch out those limbs to reach your target. And on those few days off in between training sessions, you can still wear your comfortable gym clothes to keep your head in the game.

The Les Mills line is for winners

Choose Les Mills for high-performance workouts and running, where you most need the power of moisture wicking and the ultimate range of movability. Stay cool, dry, comfortable and lithe on the gym floor or out running. Combine your favourite top and bottom pieces to make the most of your training sessions, while looking stylish and flattering in the cropped silhouettes. And at the end of a successful arm or leg day, stash away your post-workout items in the versatile convertible-grip bag that doubles as a duffel or backpack; or simply throw on a woven hooded jacket and trackpants with bold Les Mills graphics that shout, "I’m a winner".