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Reebok Les Mills combat training wear for every kick, thrust and weave

Enhance your high-intensity workouts and look ready to engage the battle against those unwanted kilos wearing Reebok Les Mills combat training wear. The bulk of this collection is made up of rugged yet stylish t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and shorts, constructed with materials such as recycled polyester and cotton so you can kick, thrust and weave your way through your routine with comfort. The collection also includes additional clothing products like tights, sports bras and combat gloves to protect your hands when you work the heavy bag or spar with a training partner.

You can put your best foot and fist forward wearing Les Mills Reebok combat gear

Heading to the gym for combat training is serious business and therefore any advantage you can gain to help maximise your workout should be a top priority and with our Les Mills Reebok combat gear, you can feel confident enough to put your best foot and fist forward to accomplish any goal. Our training gloves come in full and fingerless models designed for a variety of boxing styles, such as Thai boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts, and we also have durable joggers and tank tops that won’t let you down after repeated rounds in the ring.

Trendy Reebok Les Mills combat wear for the street or the ring

You will also find that there are several hats and beanies included in this product category that are attractive accessories you can sport as you head to the training facility or take to the streets for leisure activities.If you require a great pair of combat boots, we offer those as well, so check out our range of sizes.. Speaking of leisure activities, many products in our attractive Reebok Les Mills combat kit are trendy enough for casual purposes and you can select between pullover and full-zip models according to your taste and convenience.