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Studio Black Les Mills® Low-Cut Socks 3 PairsStudio Black Les Mills® Low-Cut Socks 3 Pairs

Les Mills® Low-Cut Socks 3 Pairs


Kids Studio Black Les Mills® BackpackKids Studio Black Les Mills® Backpack

Les Mills® Backpack

Kids Studio

Classics Black Les Mills® Bucket HatClassics Black Les Mills® Bucket Hat

Les Mills® Bucket Hat


Reebok Les Mills equipment features refined, high-calibre accessories for you

Fans of the Les Mills brand will be excited to know that we carry several accessories that make attractive additions to your complete workout kit while showing off your appreciation for the legendary athlete and the high calibre products sponsored by the company that bears his name. Among the Reebok Les Mills equipment are caps, bags and socks that feature the brand logo and are indicative of the style and refinement that is in keeping with Reebok's commitment to provide you with the very best in order to bring out your very best.

Reebok Les Mills equipment ranks high for comfort, durability and style

Reebok Les Mills equipment should be considered essential components of any gym wear and our socks provide a comfortable protective barrier between your trainers and feet as well as giving you a measure of stability when you perform your training routines, while the design of the peak cap offers protection of its own again the sun, wind or rain and its sturdy construction evinces the high durability that our customers have come to expect from us. Chic backpacks can pull double duty as gym bags or as a carry-all for work, school and a host of leisure activities.

Create your own style with Les Mills

Needless to say, you can supplement your Les Mills equipment with the fine Reebok athletic wear that is also available at our online store or wherever Reebok clothing is sold across the United Kingdom. A massive collection of trainers over a broad expanse of styles and designs are our stock in trade, but our apparel department features a gigantic offering of tops, such as tees, tanks, sweatshirts, jackets and hoodies in addition to a huge range of bottoms like tights, leggings, sweatpants and joggers from which you can assemble gym outfits to carry in your new backpack.