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Sports Tights

Lux High-Waisted Colorblock Leggings (Plus Size)
Lux 3/4 Leggings (Plus Size)
Lux High-Waisted Colorblock Leggings (Plus Size)
Lux High-Waisted Leggings (Plus Size)
Beyond The Sweat Leggings (Plus Size)
Bold High-Waisted Ruched Leggings (Plus Size)
Bold High-Waisted Ruched Leggings (Plus Size)
Studio Lux HR 2.0 Modern Safari Leggings (Plus Size)
Workout Ready Vector Leggings (Plus Size)
Workout Ready Printed Leggings (Plus Size)
MYT Printed Leggings (Plus Size)

Cool prints and plenty of stretch await with Reebok’s leggings

From deluxe designs to stylish prints, Reebok sports a large assortment of sport leggings to complete your look and support your workout. Simplistic designs in subdued colours boast humble elegance, while bold patterns give proof to your affinity to experiment. Either way, you can enjoy a soft touch to the skin with our leggings, as well as an eye to detail when it comes to seams and fabric choice.

Our sport tights fit like a second skin – perfect to accompany your workout

Put your head in the game and focus only on the rep to come. Most of our tights feature flatlock seams to give you a non-chafing experience that spares you any itchiness. In addition, our high-waist and mid-waist designs hug your body lovingly and don’t slip down when you need their support most. Whether you squat, jump or run, they will stay in place when you take on the next milestone. Despite their tight fit, they let your skin breathe with speedwick fabric for additional breathability. Some of our leggings even feature small side pockets to make them more versatile and adaptable to your individual needs.

Go the ¾ or short route in your Reebok sport tights

Leggings are always a tight, figure-flattering affair, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have versatility. If the generic ankle-length leggings aren’t up your alley, you may want to explore the many ¾ designs we have; show some ankle and get a nice breeze around your legs during the warmer months. To take it up another notch and show off your trained legs, we feature legging bootie shorts that also sport a stretchy fabric and soft touch to the skin. With speedwick fabric and more natural airflow to the legs, they are the ideal companion for your summer workout. To match up your Reebok shorts, ¾ leggings and full-length leggings, we feature figure-tailored tank tops and crop tops that take your look up another level.