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Knee Socks


Go from court to training track in Reebok knee socks

When you're hitting the basketball court or want some extra length warmth when you're training outdoors, our knee socks will give you warmth, comfort and athletic support. They're made from a carefully selected and woven combination of materials designed to take any pressure you put on them when you're playing or training. You can choose them with or without a compression weave, which you'll feel in a genuinely bracing kind of way, without them restricting blood flow at all. They'll also help to prevent irritating and destabilising sweat build-up, with specialised tarn technology employed to keep your feet as dry as possible.

The latest technology in supportive sports knee socks

Reebok knee socks are packed with the latest technology as far as materials and construction are concerned. Our basic sports socks use a precise combination of a majority cotton and nylon blend, with polyester and elastane used strategically to create a contoured, snug and comfortable feel. Our more specialised compression socks have ankle and arch support, with an ergonomic right-left design to ensure a superbly supportive fit. We use moisture-wicking yarn for extra protection while you're exercising and to help keep your feet cool. They will give you the perfect foundation to power through the last few reps or push through to a second wind on a training run.

Men's and women's knee socks designed to complement our trainers

You don't need to look much further than our classic Reebok joggers or our advanced lightweight training shoes to find the perfect companions for your new socks. They have been contoured in the same way as our trainers, purpose-designed to complement the cushioning technology and EVA midsole support that these contain. Your Reebok knee socks and trainers will go together like hand in glove.