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Reebok's kids selection provides a fantastic range of sneakers and trainers

The best quality for growing feet is only a click away, as we feature a large selection of sneakers for infants as well as growing girls and boys. Perfectly tailored to their individual age and taste, the Reebok's kids section features models with EVA midsoles for extra comfort and cushioning, as well as rubber soles for added grip when playing outside and on the playground. From low-cut designs for better ankle mobility to runner shoes with a higher silhouette for added support, your child’s foot is properly equipped for the next adventure.

Reebok’s children’s shoes for added comfort, support and flexibility

We know that growing feet need to be supported as well as possible, so high-abrasion rubber soles can give your children’s feet a better connection to the ground when bouncing around. In particular, our shoes for smaller children feature hoop-and-loop closure technology to make getting in and out as easy as possible and provide a firm fit for the foot. Of course, shoe technology and comfort are not the only things to consider, so there is a broad selection of colours, patterns and logos available to choose from – be it glitzy pink, cheetah-print, sleek suede-striped green or a simple and elegant black.

Equip your child with the everyday comfort that Reebok kids’ shoes provide

A good sneaker is not only a companion for the playground, it can march your child wherever they go, be it to school, a friend’s house, the cinema or into the garden. A reliable grip, firm footing and casual design make for a great combination for everyday life and match everything from casual jeans to our selection of kids-tailored backpacks. The various age categories make it easy for you to opt for the next shoe when your child has outgrown the last and opens another broad range of designs to choose from.