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Our kids' outlet gives you the best products for a better price

Regardless whether you are looking for fantastic sneakers, stylish sports attire or even comfy sport socks, at our kids’ outlet, you can easily find your desired product – and for a great price. Discover our broad range of perfectly designed trainers that support your child’s foot in everyday life, as well as adventure workout leggings in various colours. With prices dropping, you can opt for one of our handy sport bags with padded shoulder straps for added convenience, and some also sporting a wet compartment divider to keep the sweaty stuff from the clean clothes.

Find your ideal combination of style and design in our children’s sale

Why go for Reebok kids’ sports gear? Our sneakers for kids feature rubber soles, some with high-abrasion, for additional grip to support growing feet when out and about. EVA-midsoles create added cushioning to give extra support to the ankles whilst still providing a maximum sense of flexibility. Sports clothes for her, him and in unisex options range from 100% cotton to polyester blends for a fantastic touch to the skin and breathability, as well as the perfect fit that doesn’t slide during a workout – and the best is that all of the above is available to you for a reduced price.

Get inspired by the broad range offered in our children's outlet

Mix and match to your heart’s content for a reduced rate with the many items of our sale and combine the perfect ensemble for both your kid’s school day and everyday wear. Our sneakers for children of all ages come in all colours and shapes. They can be matched effortlessly to our sales assortment of training leggings and track suits, as well as our school backpacks that feature plenty of space for books, folders, pens and more. With a large scale of colours available, your child can assemble the perfect and individualised outfit for the upcoming year.