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Happy children deserve kids’ Reebok Classics

The Kids’ Reebok Classics collection offers a few attractive and affordable products that you can find for grown-ups in miniature versions. This is because we believe that no child should be left wanting for dependable trainers and book-bags, or reliable socks and scarves (if needed) to make their day at school as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. Brightly-coloured shoes share the spotlight along with basic black or white versions, made of suede, leather and synthetic materials, which feature laces and tabs (or both for additional security on smaller kids). All our footwear have rubber outsoles and are easy to clean so your children can enjoy endless hours of walking or playing.

Children's Reebok Classics for busy feet

Our Reebok Classics for children were selected to provide your kids with several options for their basic needs. Solid black and white shoes are built to carry busy feet in constant motion and should be considered standard daily wear essentials for most primary schools and many of the other models are fine for nursery school or other day-care type facilities where your kids spend the most active part of their day. Other models are excellent choices for weekend or after-school activities at the park or playground and are recommend for general lifestyle use because kids enjoy variety just like the rest of us.

Reebok Classics for kids feature practical accessories

You may not be able to find clothing for apparel for children as part of our Reebok Kids’ Classics collection, but we do carry several necessities like backpacks that can be used as book-bags for school, tote bags for physical training classes or extracurricular activities, and waist bags for safekeeping important items. There are also several varieties of crew socks and tube socks available that come in 3-packs and are also highly recommended for sheer value alone, as well as multi-coloured recreational socks and pretty scarves to keep them warm to and from school or having some fun outdoors with the rest of the family.