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Black trainers for children – practical and stylish shoes, ideal for on the go

One of the most important features for kids’ shoes, after comfort of course, is that they should be durable and practical as they will see some wear and tear! Reebok has come up with the ideal solution by creating a range of black trainers for children. Designed using different materials from soft leather uppers to lightweight breathable mesh shoes there is something for every type of activity whether it be PE, attending lessons or playing in the playground after school. Low cut styles will help with foot mobility and give a range of movement around the ankles, while styles with an EVA lightweight midsole will provide extra cushioning.

Support the feet of the future with black trainers for children by Reebok

Inevitably kids’ shoes will be taken to interesting places as children start to explore and embrace their freedom of movement. Reebok has created a range of black trainers for children that cover a number of eventualities, from needing slightly smarter shoes to go with a school uniform to running around in the playground kicking a football or jumping around on a basketball court. The slightly more classic styles with leather uppers or the lighter version with nylon and suede mixed uppers are more traditional in their look and with their durable outsole will withstand quite some mileage, while for the more fashion-conscious there are more modern, chunkier styles that will still provide comfort at the same time as making a statement. Specialised black trainers for children who enjoy running take into account mobility and shock absorption as well as providing breathability with mesh uppers.

Children’s black trainers by Reebok – they go with any outfit

Shoes for school or casual wear – you can’t go wrong with a pair of black trainers for children. Why not add to the comfort with a pair of Reebok socks or add a Reebok sweatshirt and shorts to your child’s outfit to give them that extra sporty look. A Reebok backpack to carry a sports kit in may also be something to consider.