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School backpacks

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<h2>School backpacks</h2><p>Few things are as important when heading back to school after a break than having the right backpack. Whether they’re carrying textbooks and pencil cases or sports kit and a packed lunch, the right school backpack should keep your child’s belongings secure but also easy to reach when needed. Reebok’s large range of backpacks will help you to choose one which hold them in good stead throughout the year.</p><h5>Backpacks for girls and boys of all ages</h5><p>Our school backpack range has something to offer everyone, with a wide selection of colours to choose from, including black, white, blue, pink, red and more. From sporty backpacks, such as the Reebok Crossfit Day backpack and Active Core backpacks, to the laidback stylings of the Junior Casual Backpack, you can find the right bag for your child on the first day of term and the rest of the academic year and beyond.</p><h5>Convenient, casual style</h5><p>With plenty of compartments and zip-up pockets, Reebok school backpacks offer a great level of convenience, allowing them to easily store essential things like textbooks and stationery. Some backpacks feature larger outer compartments – perfect for keeping dirty PE kits away from other things.</p><h5>Durable backpacks you can depend on</h5><p>Kids are renowned for wearing out things like bags and clothes quickly, so fortunately Reebok’s range is durable and long-lasting. We use hardwearing materials like 100% polyester fabrics and polyethylene to make our backpacks, so they won’t break after just a single term at school. We also use recycle polyester in some of our products, so you can do your bit to help the environment while getting a good deal at the same time.</p><h5>Backpacks for all ages</h5><p>Take a look at the full range of Reebok school backpacks today, and cross one more thing off the Back to School list.</p>