School backpacks

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Rock the school year with our school backpacks for kids

Combining style, practicality and adaptability, our school backpacks for kids can support your child throughout the school year and beyond. Featuring adjustable shoulder straps, our backpacks can accompany your child as it grows, always growing alongside. Depending on individual preferences, you can find backpacks with padded shoulder straps for added convenience and comfort, bottle holders attached to the side of the backpack for added space and smaller, zipped front pockets for their phone and purse or wallet. Reebok backpacks are made of lightweight polyester or polyester blends that promise minimal weight from the backpack itself, so there is more space to be filled up.

A child’s school backpack for many years

If you opt for a school backpack, it should accompany your child throughout the years, which makes the right style in addition to wearing comfort so important. Fortunately, we feature a broad range of different colours, finished off with our logo in various sizes, ranging from elegantly stitched on in small letters to prints that cover the entire front. Both girls and boys will find something to their taste with children's school backpacks available in bottle-green, bright pink, blue or black, among many more. Apart from appealing designs, we aim for high quality in all of our products, equipping them with durability to make them loyal companions throughout your child’s school career.

Gear up your kid’s school backpack with our sports assortment

To start the school year in ultimate style, consider pairing your backpack with Reebok's comfortable and durable kids’ trainers and sneakers. Promising ultimate comfort and support, our sneakers are the ideal match for your child’s PE lessons or all-day wear. Sporting an equal range of colours, you can make the perfect combination of shoe and backpack or spice it up by blending designs together for a unique style.