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Reebok backpacks for kids – carry your books or your sports kit in style

When kids start learning that they need to be responsible for carrying their own personal effects around with them, there is nothing better than a Reebok kids’ backpack to help them start out on this journey. The backpacks for kids designed by Reebok take into account different age groups, style and requirements – whether the backpack is to be used for school books, sports kit or perhaps to embark on your first flight. Styles for little ones come with 2 pockets and bright patterns or colours and are made with a lightweight polyester that makes them easy to carry. For older kids, there is the option of bigger backpacks with one or two compartments that are roomy enough to carry all your books for a day at school, and perhaps some sports kit if you need it, and the mesh side pocket will fit your drink bottle just perfectly. 

Make a statement at school with a kids’ backpack by Reebok

It is important for kids to feel like they belong and Reebok backpacks for kids can be part of their uniform for going to school. Designed in different colours and shapes, the backpacks all display one of the Reebok logos – whether a classic version or a more modern oversize version – and this will help kids feel like they are fitting in as well as giving them something to identify their bag by. Zipped front compartments are ideal for carrying smaller items such as stationery or tuck shop money and the double zips that are evident on most styles ensure that the contents remain secure as bags are dragged around school during the day. The adjustable padded shoulder straps of the kids’ backpack range by Reebok allow the rucksack to fit different sizes, and the durable polyester fabric is easy to keep clean and will survive the rough and tumble of the playground.

Kids’ backpacks by Reebok – all your belongings in one place

Try to train your kids to keep all their belongings in one place as they embark on their school journey. The range of kids’ backpacks from Reebok is a great way to start. Think about adding to the look with a Reebok water bottle that fits neatly into the side pocket or by finishing off their outfits with a pair of Reebok trainers.