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Kids’ accessories by Reebok – help your kids stay on trend

For going to school or hanging out in the playground, for travelling or training, the Reebok range of kids’ accessories has something for all occasions.  Whether you need clothing accessories for sports, such as socks or scarves, or items that will support them in their daily activities, like bags for school books or PE kit and water bottles for hydration while they exercise, the range of kids’ accessories by Reebok will have the answer.

Carry your school equipment - accessories for kids by Reebok includes a range of bags

Once they start school, kids of all ages will require a bag to carry their books, pencil cases and lunch, and they may also need a bag to keep their sports equipment in as they embark on their favourite activity during or after school. The kids’ accessories range by Reebok offers a great selection of bags for these very purposes. Smaller backpacks for the little ones, made from 100% polyester, have a small zipped compartment at the front for important bits and pieces and a larger compartment at the back to carry water, a lunch box or books. For slightly older kids who need to carry several exercise books with them, there is a larger classic backpack option with padded adjustable shoulder straps that can be changed to suit a growing child. For the sporty kids, there are sports bags of various shapes and sizes, including strong polyester duffel bags with top handles and inner pockets for the essentials and lightweight gym sacks with drawcord closures to carry sports kit.

Reebok kids’ accessories – practical and trendy 

Going off to school for the first time can be a scary experience and sometimes it helps to have something recognisable with you to break the ice, such as something from the kids' accessories range by Reebok. Kids carrying their books in a bag by Reebok may feel like they fit in with their new classmates. Why not add a pair of Reebok socks and trainers to the outfit – either of a classic design or with bright, statement colours – support their feet and help them look cool at the same time.