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From your home to the track in no time with velcro sneakers

More than ever, time has become one of our most valuable assets, and Reebok understands that every second counts when you’re exercising. This selection of velcro sneakers has been designed for the time-conscious person who wants to get on the track or in the gym in no time while ensuring a locked-in fit for comfort and support. Available in a range of styles for men, women and kids, you are guaranteed to find a colour that suits your taste, whether you prefer a classic, neutral colour or like your shoes to shine as much as your personality with colours and funky designs.

Hook-and-loop sneaker styles offering optimal support

The best support starts with choosing the right pair of shoes according to the sport you practise. If you like running, you will need flexible and lightweight shoes that allow quick movements such as those with a mesh upper, while hook-and-loop sneakers with a leather upper offer additional stability and protection to keep you grounded. Support continues on the inside with cushioning; technologies such as EVA provide it without adding extra weight, and the addition of lining gives extra padding while its anti-friction characteristic keeps you feeling cool with heat reduction. 

Match your Reebok velcro sneakers with easy-to-wear gear

If you’re looking for a pair of sneakers with a quick and secure fit, then hook-and-loop trainers are the perfect style for you, and if you want to personalise the fit while keeping it secure then look for a style that combines laces with a hook-and-loop closure. Once you’ve found your ideal pair, make sure you match it with additional training gear, such as a Reebok tracksuit for a complete outfit, Reebok socks for complementary foot protection, and make sure you stay hydrated while exercising thanks to your very own Reebok water bottle.