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Hiking trousers by Reebok for a mix of comfort and style

Choosing the right gear that gives you hours of support is of the utmost importance when going on a hike, and this selection of hiking trousers has been designed to do just that. With cuts that give you enough leeway around the hips and thighs to move at will, you’ll be able to go a long way in comfort. Tapered legs that tighten up around the ankles also mean you can take your next step safely with no distractions from loose fabric. Both female and male cuts are available, so you can be sure to find the perfect fit, while the various colours and designs will enable you to express your personality through your unique style.

Trekking trousers designed for superior support

The perfect pair of trekking pants has the ability to support and keep you comfortable throughout your hike thanks to the addition of practical design details. This starts with the use of fabric with special breathable characteristics which allows you to stay dry as you’re trying to reach the top of the hill, or the use of technology such as GORE-TEX to create waterproof hiking trousers that will keep you protected from the rain. The addition of design details such as an elastic cord around the waist or ribbing of the hems around the ankle ensure your trousers stay put throughout your performance, while side pockets will enable you to carry a few small items such as keys or a wallet with you at all times.

Complete your hiking outfit with Reebok gear

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect pair of trekking trousers, make sure you find a matching Reebok T-shirt to complete your outfit, then add a hoodie for protection in the cooler weather. A pair of Reebok shoes will keep your feet protected at all times, while accessories such as a Reebok water bottle will keep you hydrated and ensure the ultimate hiking experience.