Shorts for trekking


Trekking shorts straight from the athletics track

We've built our hiking shorts to be far more than merely the light and comfortable walking pants they look like. They benefit from our many years of making athletic apparel for some of the world's most elite sportspeople. Made from the most advanced fabrics, they feature sweat-wicking properties and use different combinations of materials like plain weave nylon and recycled polyester. Our two-in-one models offer fitted inners that keep your shorts in place no matter how strenuous your hiking activities, and provide a compression effect for additional thigh and hip muscle support. Ventilation and cooling is encouraged by our ACTIVCHILL fabric technology, which you'll really appreciate when the going gets tough.

Hiking shorts that are the epitome of versatility

Our trekking shorts provide a surprising amount of space to keep your valuables handy, rather than having to reach for them in your hiking backpack. Front and back pockets are built in, and they’ll stay snug and secure on your hips thanks to an elasticised waist with a drawcord fastening which you can adjust for optimal hiking comfort. Available in a choice of lengths, you can double them up very nicely as running shorts or wear them under a tracksuit when you've camped for the night and it gets cooler towards evening.

Reebok trekking shorts come with the full Monty

The classic designs of Reebok hiking shorts make them easily compatible with all our other hiking clothes and shoes. T-shirts in summer and sweatshirts for winter are obvious additional choices for your Reebok wardrobe. For protection against bad weather, we can offer you hoodies and rainproof gear, while in summer you can shade your face with a bucket hat or peaked baseball cap. Grab a backpack to stow everything in – and don't forget a sturdy, comfortable, lightweight pair of Reebok hiking boots.