Leather hiking shoes


Leather hiking boots that can step up to any challenge

In these boots we use a lugged rubber sole design that serves the dual purpose of creating a cushioning effect and giving you all the traction you need when you're hiking. We perforate our leather uppers for breathability, which is so important on long treks in hot weather. The toes are reinforced with additional overlays to protect you from the inevitable toe stubbing on rough terrain, and internal contoured comfort is provided by our EVA midsole cushioning technology. All this has been carefully engineered to be extremely lightweight as well – we make sure that none of the technology we add does anything other than make it easier for you to attack even the most challenging hiking trails.

Comfortable yet fiercely tough leather hiking shoes

You really can go as far off the beaten track as you like in our leather hiking boots, thanks to the comfort and resilience they provide. They're all about keeping your feet dry and cool, with waterproofing and even snow resistance built in. Protection for your feet is a top priority too, giving you the confidence to pull them on and rise to the challenge of any trail. They'll support you on rough and slippery surfaces and keep you securely anchored if you need to do a bit of rock climbing to pick up the trail again.

Match your Reebok hiking boots with more hiking gear

The rest of our hiking kit is just as rugged and comfortable, aimed at the serious hiker who isn't just out for a leisurely ramble. Sports socks come in many varieties, as do our equally high-tech hiking shirts, shorts and long pants. You can keep the elements at bay with Reebok hoodies, rain jackets or windbreakers, and when the sun starts beating down you can break out a sun hat from your lightweight Reebok backpack.