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Astroride Trail GTX 2.0 Shoes

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Hiking boots with an elite racing pedigree

Reebok trainers have become high-performance icons in the athletics world, and our trekking boots are the off-road equivalent. Much like with racing cars, even the smallest weight reductions can make a big difference, and lightweight Reebok hiking boots will help you push that little bit further, thanks to smart engineering and materials. Carbon rubber outsoles feel feather-light while being tough as nails. Ultra-light GORE-TEX lined mesh upper materials are infused with TPU to protect against abrasion. EVA midsoles provide cushioning while also providing further weight savings – all of which combine to prevent any unnecessary drain on your stamina.

Luxury meets rugged sportiness in a trekking boot

Our hiking boots have been designed to carry you for mile after mile in comfort, without compromising on the kind of elite performance you've come to expect from Reebok. You'll feel secure underfoot even in the most perilous conditions you could encounter on an extreme hiking trail, and you'll really appreciate the stability they can give you on uneven surfaces. They’ll also keep your feet dry so you won't have to baulk at hiking in any weather you like. They feel luxurious inside, while effortlessly dealing with harsh conditions outside, from protecting you against sharp stones to helping you deal with really adverse, slushy environments. All so that you don't have to worry about anything other than getting the most out of your hike.

There's more to go with your hiking shoe

Our hiking shoes are designed to complement all our other outdoor gear. They all feature the same advanced engineering and technology, once again designed to be as lightweight as possible. This goes for our windbreakers and rain jackets, as well as our tough yet comfortable hiking trousers for men and women. Hiking socks ranging from summer ankle socks to knee-length compression socks for winter are all here, as are plenty of T-shirts and shorts you can hike in if you prefer.