Hiking jackets


When only a top-quality hiking jacket will do

Much like hikers, not all hiking jackets are cut from the same cloth. Ours are designed for those who take their hiking seriously, and they're made accordingly. You'll discover sleek waterproof polyester jackets with our Speedwick moisture-channelling tech built in, while elastic bindings and adjustable hoods give you extra protection. Whether you prefer a short hem or a longer jacket, a popped-collar or a standard one, you'll always have all the room you need for when a strenuous hike turns into something more resembling a rock climb. Secure kangaroo or side pockets with zip fastenings will keep your belongings safe and sound, and small hidden inner pockets come in very handy too.

Weather-resilient hiking jackets for protection and warmth

If you want a hiking jacket that will keep you warm and dry inside while repelling rain and disposing of sweat with ease, these are the ones for you. They're made for more than a mere casual stroll, designed for those who view hiking as a competitive sport – even when doing it alone. They're not only tough and resilient, but they're also really durable and easy to take care of. Their slim fit helps to prevent snagging on vegetation, and at the same time they provide ample room for easy movement. We've built in all sorts of other clever details too, like subtle reflective elements that help make you more visible to vehicles in bad light conditions.

What to get to go with your trekking jacket

You'll usually be wearing your Reebok trekking jacket when you're out in inclement weather, so pair it with our tough yet stylish hiking trousers. You can also wear our snug hiking leggings underneath, while a Reebok beanie will round off your outfit nicely. Our varied range of hiking boots and walking shoes will serve you well on all types of terrain, and compression socks provide both protection and support for your feet and ankles.