GORE-TEX hiking shoes

Men Trail Running Black Astroride Trail GTX 2.0 ShoesMen Trail Running Black Astroride Trail GTX 2.0 Shoes

Astroride Trail GTX 2.0 Shoes

Men Trail Running

Women Trail Running Black Astroride Trail GTX 2.0 ShoesWomen Trail Running Black Astroride Trail GTX 2.0 Shoes

Astroride Trail GTX 2.0 Shoes

Women Trail Running

GORE-TEX hiking boots made by specialists

If you're looking for hardcore GORE-TEX hiking shoes that can take a beating on the trail and still come back for more every time, you're in the right place. These boots are packed with even more high-tech materials too: breathable upper mesh fabrics receive TPU overlays to protect against abrasion and are then melded to waterproof GORE-TEX linings for a tight seal. This not only makes them resistant to rain and slush; it also makes them highly durable while remaining lightweight. Carbon rubber and other rubber compounds are used to create tough outsoles that can easily take on any terrain, and purpose-machined sole patterns ensure grip on pretty much all surfaces.

GORE-TEX hiking shoes are great all-round performers

GORE-TEX hiking boots are rugged enough to keep you comfortable while warding off the elements in the toughest surroundings, but they still perform absolutely smoothly in easier hiking conditions. This adaptability makes them an excellent choice for all-round performance, no matter where you prefer to do your hiking or even train for competitive trail-hiking events. They'll keep you dry and sure underfoot on rainy days, and cool and fresh when you're in hot conditions. Again, this means you can trust them when you're hiking in higher elevation areas where the weather can change quickly and unexpectedly.

Reebok GORE-TEX hiking boots are just the beginning

Once you've decided on the Reebok hiking boots that suit your purposes best, you may as well get all the other items missing from your outdoor wardrobe while you're about it. You can never have enough pairs of hiking socks, of course, and the Reebok logo on a sunhat makes for a cool and sporty accessory. Windbreakers and fleecy hoodies are available to wear over hiking-T-shirts and long-sleeved tops, and we have walking shorts and trousers for everyone too.