Hiking clothes

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Hiking clothes that can take you wherever the trail leads

We have all the hiking wear essentials, plus a whole lot more – all informed by the latest R&D in fitness technology. We equip our outerwear with weather-resistant fabric combinations, use smart material blends that give our hiking clothing its sweat-wicking properties, and blend the latest synthetics with cottons and polyesters to create lightweight, high-performance hiking gear. Technologies like ACTIVCHILL introduce a cooling effect to our T-shirts, while adjustable elastic and drawcord cuffs and waists ensure a snug fit. Moisture-absorbing fabrics and mesh panel inserts are used to ensure breathability, and clever designs allow you to keep your possessions safe and easily accessible in a variety of pocket configurations.

Hiking clothing for all your purposes

Our hiking clothes are designed to cover all bases. It's one thing to create our exercise-specific clothing, but with hiking clothes there are many more factors to take into account. We make them comfortable and durable above all, because we understand that the hard-charging fitness enthusiasts who choose Reebok need items that can take a pounding, while helping to ensure they don't have to take one themselves. They also need to traverse all kinds of terrain, so it’s important that we provide a range of different outsoles with varying degrees of traction and ruggedness. We make them as light as possible too, to help you keep going for longer.

A complete hiking outfit from Reebok

You can get all the trekking clothes you need in one place with us. We'll kit you out from top to bottom in the latest fabrics and materials, whether you need summer clothes like T-shirts and hiking shorts, or winter hiking gear that can include compression sweatshirts, windbreakers and high-insulation padded jackets. Accessories aplenty are on offer too, and you'll certainly want to grab a Reebok branded walking hat before you head out.