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High waist leggings for yoga

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Reebok high waist yoga leggings take you into your mat

Ensuring you have the perfect leggings is an important part of wardrobe selection for your yoga sessions. Reebok's high waist yoga leggings come in a wide range of styles to suit your mood on the mat and choice of practice. Designed with plenty of stretch and flexibility, these high waist yoga tights will only enhance your performance as you move into your Sun Salute. The seamless polyester/nylon design is ideal for yoga and stretching activities, and you can choose between a soft cotton/elastane finish for that cosy feel or a more robust nylon/elastane combination that will hold your shape as you stretch, so you can concentrate on letting all your stress slip away. 

Embrace your flexibility with high waist yoga tights by Reebok

Reebok’s high waist yoga leggings have been designed around flexibility and ease of movement. Using state-of-the-art design technology, these leggings will enable you to move through your yoga flows, fitting you like a second skin. The moisture-wicking fabric removes excess moisture to keep you dry, and a matte look along with black elastane helps reduce shine, making for a comfortable, flattering pair of leggings. The wide, high waistband gives you extra support and flatters your silhouette, while a panel in the waist helps keep your shape and prevent friction. Choose a pair with a slip-in pocket that will keep your phone safe and consider whether you would prefer to have a full-length or cropped pair of leggings.

Show off your sporty look

The versatile collection of Reebok high waist yoga leggings will definitely have a style that you will love. Match your choice of leggings with a Reebok low-impact sports bra, a hoodie or tank top and be sure to take a look at the range of Reebok yoga mats that will enhance your yogi look as you get into your practice zone.