Cushioned technology with Reebok Pump Hexalite trainers

Experience the ultimate shock-absorbing foundation with these fearless Reebok Pump Hexalite trainers. Designed for the athlete that needs to soar in their sport, the honeycomb-inspired technology and durability of these sneakers will take your training up a notch to maximise your performance capabilities. Lightweight, supportive and cushioned with an EVA hexagonal midsole, these shoes will have you flying through the air, scaling hurdles and smashing your personal best in the cross-training box with a new secret pump power that'll give you the edge.

Fearlessly bold Pump Hexalite sneakers for next-level superhuman leaps

Famously lightweight in design, these reinvented Pump Hexalite trainers maintain all the original OG swag from the past two decades of Reebok style, while maximising your potential to perform like a top athlete. Basketball players that know the importance of traction and being able to stop on a dime choose Pump Hexalite for their high-abrasion rubber outsoles that provide the ultimate grip. With outers sporting bold technicolour palettes, digital-inspired patterns and classic shades, you decide how much to strut your stuff when you step out in a pair of Reebok Pump Hexalite sneaks.

An edge on elevated fashion and athletic prowess

Reebok Pump Hexalite kicks have long remained the go-to sneaker for pro athletes from many sporting disciplines, but it’s not just the innovative technology that attracts the heavy hitters. Hexalites are famously bold in the world of high-end fashion. They present themselves as no-nonsense footwear that garners respect, shows commitment and projects a fashion-forward sensibility with an effortlessly fun approach. Worn with active, casual or street outfits, these kicks lift any get-up and scream to be noticed. Slip them on with b-ball shorts, martial arts joggers, oversized sweats or leggings to complete a passionate, fierce look. Made for men and women with an active lifestyle, Reebok Pump Hexalite trainers naturally bring air to your stride.