How do I return my product(s)?

Last updated: 09/01/2017
You can make online returns if you had the delivery shipped by post to your preferred delivery address. If you paid and picked up the products at a store, then please return them to a store.

Online Shop
You can return your online order free of charge within 100 days of receiving your order. When returning your online order, choose one of the drop off points from the carrier that originally delivered it. It is only possible to return your parcel with the same carrier.

Returns with DHL / Parcelforce / Royal Mail:
  1. Print out your return form & return label via the order tracker, using your email address and order number.
  2. Fill out your return form with your return reasons(s) and insert into the parcel, then seal the box.
  3. Attach the return label to the parcel over the original label.
  4. Keep note of the tracking number stated on the return label.
  5. Drop off your parcel at a local drop off point.

Returns with Hermes:
  1. Fill out the return form with your return reason(s) and insert into your parcel then seal the box. A return form and return label should have been sent with your original order. If you’ve lost either of these, please contact us.
  2. Attach the pre-paid label to your parcel over the original label.
  3. Keep note of the tracking number stated on the return label.
  4. Drop off your parcel at your local Hermes drop-off point.

For rules and restrictions on returns, please check our return policy.

You can make returns at stores of the country you bought the product in, if you take the product and a proof of purchase to one of the stores. Be sure to return your product within the return period that’s indicated on the receipt. 
If you ordered at the store but had the product delivered to your home address it isn’t possible to make a return at the store. In this case you can return any unwanted products by following the return instructions for the Online Shop.

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