Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery

Most orders begin processing as soon as your online purchase is completed. You won't be charged for any product until it's shipped to you.

Delivery Time

  • Standard Shipping, 1-3 business days
  • Your Reebok custom shoes orders, 4 – 6 weeks

    Because customised Your Reebok products are made individually for you, it takes a bit longer for your order to arrive. If you made a mixed order, with both customised and non-customised products, the products are sent separately. The non-customised products will arrive according to the delivery times mentioned above - depending on the shipping method you chose.

You will receive an email notifying when your order has been shipped.

Public Holidays

Please note our warehouse is closed on the following date(s): 01.01.2016, 25.03.2016, 27.03.2016, 28.03.2016, 01.05.2016, 15.05.2016, 16.05.2016, 26.05.2016, 03.10.2016, 25.12.2016, 26.12.2016

For orders placed on, or the day before one of these dates, delivery time will be extended by 1 – 2 working days.

Delivery costs

Reebok offers Free Delivery on all orders over £100 excluding Your Reebok shoes, because these are despatched individually from the factory. Reebok charges flat shipping rates per ship-to address for Customised shoes (4 – 6 weeks). The flat rates correspond to delivery methods below. Rates (incl. VAT) are as follows:

  • Orders with standard products only:

    Standard delivery – £ 3.95
    Express delivery – £ 9.95

  • Orders with Customised products only:

    Standard delivery - £ 6.50

  • Orders with both standard and customised products:

    Standard + Customised delivery - £ 3.95 + £ 6.50