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Keep your focus on your workout with these sweatbands

There's no doubt that the sign of a great workout is one where, by the end of it, you've worked up a serious sweat. Of course, sweating too much can cause issues for a lot of workouts, so you need to be sure that you're able to deal with it. That's where a high-quality sweatband comes in.  Made from moisture-absorbing material and featuring a hook and loop closure that keeps them secure, these Reebok hand wraps are a great way to keep your grip on the bar during those last few reps and to stay comfortable no matter how intense your workout might get.

This Reebok sweatband finds the ideal mix of comfort and support

The right set of hand wraps needs to be able to offer you all the support that you need, but that shouldn't come at the cost of your comfort. Easy adjustments thanks to the hook-and-loop closure and the minimal coverage allow you to forget all about them and focus on what really matters, getting the most out of your workout every single time.

Your entire outfit should be working as hard as these Reebok hand wraps

The level of support that a high-quality Reebok sweatband provides is something you should want from every aspect of your workout outfit. A pair of MMA shorts take '90s-inspired style and construct them with a lightweight nylon construction that allows for an athletic feel with full freedom of movement. Even something as simple as your socks is worth your attention. With a cotton and poly blend, the right pair of socks offer a secure, foot-hugging fit thanks to ribbed cuffs for a stay-put feel and maximum comfort all workout long, while the low-cut design keeps them out of your way.