Hand Wraps


Reinforce your hands with CrossFit wrist wraps

Dedicated CrossFit athletes and those who take their workouts in earnest appreciate that joints like the wrist require adequate support and protection from the stresses of training. Thankfully, Reebok has assembled wrist wraps to ensure your wrists can withstand the strain, repetition after repetition. The Reebok CrossFit wristband is compressed so it fits you like a sleeve and uses patented COOLMAX® materials to deal with perspiration and heat while you train. Another option for instant wrist support is the CrossFit wrist wrap, constructed with elastic fabrics to keep the wrist in place and with Velcro so it stays put.

Boost your circuit training with Reebok CrossFit lifting straps

Reebok lifting straps are made specifically for those training days that require circuit training in the weight room and it is recommended that you wear them before you start the first set as a precaution against injury. The bench press station is the most obvious exercise where your wrists can benefit from wearing the CrossFit wristband or the CrossFit wrist straps and you can feel confident counting out reps on every set. The dead lift and clean and jerk are other weight training exercises where wrist straps are essential, and if you prefer to go a few rounds on the heavy bag, make sure you strap up before you pull on the gloves.

Include Reebok wrist wraps for high intensity weight training

Wrist straps denote workout sessions of great intensity, which suggests that your gym gear should reflect your focused determination to add a couple of extra reps to each set you perform. The Weightlifting tee is the pre-eminent men’s choice for all workouts involving weights and looks good with the Reebok CrossFit Games Speed short or Reebok Compression tights if your training module includes leg work. Along with your Reebok CrossFit wrist wrap or wristband, it’s not a bad idea to include a pair of Reebok CrossFit training gloves as protection for your hands.