Green · Sport · Shoes


Green sports shoes with exclusive Floatride Foam are showstoppers

Fabulous footwear should command your attention and garner approval from everyone else as well, so if you are looking for a truly eye-catching pair of trainers our green sports shoes are elegant showstoppers that will certainly make your day. Models in this creative line of trainers sport a 3D heel cradle to avoid irritation to sensitive feet during the long hours of the day, and rippled outsoles provide firm traction on all surfaces. EVA foam is used to balance your gait as you step or run while our exclusive Floatride Foam innovations provide cushioning for your feet and maintain a lightweight feel and texture.

Reebok green sports shoes remove the bother so you can perform at your best

When comfort is all, friction and irritation are bothers that can surely affect your performance and our Reebok green sports shoes were engineered so you can forget such issues and focus all your energy and effort on putting your best foot forward. Wear them when you need to step in the right direction while speed walking, jogging or running. If you are in training for long distance disciplines like 5Ks or half marathons you will find the benefits of a lightweight padding and a knit upper designed to give your feet breathing space are attributes worth every penny spent.

Green sports trainers transform contestants into victors

While we’re on the subject of commanding attention and command performances, it’s worth noting that our Reebok apparel department has more than a few high calibre products you can wear with your green sports trainers that are worthy of an honourable mention. Top billing on our list of all-stars is reserved for the tops (sports bras, tanks, tees and sweatshirts) and bottoms (leggings, shorts, sweatpants and joggers) that transform contestants into victors, while our collection of accessories (training equipment, hats, gloves and bags) comprise an essential supporting cast that all work together for an award-winning review.