Green · Shorts


Green Reebok shorts for legs that enjoy unrestricted movement

Our collection of green Reebok shorts will help you look your lithesome best while you display muscular or shapely legs that are the result of time well spent in exacting training throughout the year. We make our shorts lightweight by using polyester weave and cotton materials with elastane and spandex so they fit comfortably about the waist. For those who train aggressively, Speedwick fabrics are employed to wick sweat and heat away from the body for superior performance across all sporting endeavours. Colourful options include emerald prints and slate green for a close or relaxed fit.

Reebok green shorts excite your summer fashion wear

Make your spring and summer fashion wear more exciting with Reebok green shorts for calisthenics at home and enjoying morning runs or walks around the common. With unrestricted movement, you can sprint, lunge or jump freely during yoga class, field drills or BodySlam sessions or spend a few hours exploring the city, town or adjacent villages on your bike. Warm weather fun has no restrictions, so wear our shorts on sightseeing excursions with the family, as well as picnics in the park and if you’re exhausted from a long week at school or the office, open a folding chair and relax in the garden with a good book and cold beverage.  

Green shorts by Reebok spark your energy and dynamism

Exciting doesn’t only define our green Reebok shorts, it also describes the lively collection of apparel available in our online catalogue where you can preview tank tops and tees, hoodies and sweatshirts, as well as jackets and sports bras infused with as much energy and dynamism as our tremendous selection of trainers so amazing it will knock you off your feet. Find a pair of invisible or ankle socks to match your shorts and shoes in our accessories department, which also contains sunglasses, water bottles, tote bags and backpacks.