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Gold trainers confirm your fashionista status

Take the wow factor to a whole new level and dare others to match your bold approach to trendy footwear in gold trainers that leave no doubt you are a true fashionista with the attitude required to go your own way. Lightweight EVA midsoles provide reflexive responsiveness and ultra-comfortable cushioning to trainers that feature iridescent uppers constructed with synthetics, mesh and suede atop abrasion-resistant rubber soles that offer such superior traction you might be tempted to think you can walk on water. Whether you lace them or pump them up, all models are outfitted with heel and tongue pulls for easy entry and exit.

Lustrous Reebok gold trainers for extraordinary accomplishments

Our lustrous Reebok gold trainers are a prime example of what can be accomplished when you upgrade classic designs and then introduce touches of gleaming colour to create extraordinary footwear in terms of aesthetics and style. Wearing them, you can express a bold attitude at the gym while you direct your energy and aggression towards weightlifting regimens to sculpt the body of your dreams or maximising your efforts when you run, dance or use high-intensity classes like BodyPump and BodySlam to improving your cardio overall health. Whatever method you choose, as long as you have the confidence, these trainers were made for you.  

Gold Reebok trainers: luminous by day or night

You don’t need a great physique (though it certainly can’t hurt) to get noticed as long as you are wearing our gold Reebok trainers because these fabulous products are so luminous they stand out in any crowd, by day or by night. Our online catalogue showcases a complete collection of apparel including tank tops and tees, shorts, joggers and sweatpants, as well as hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets and tracksuits in assorted designs and colours. You can also grab yourself some accessories like socks, caps and hats to adjust the sizzle factor depending on your mood and the occasion.