Gold · Shoes


Gold Reebok shoes shimmer with colour and confidence

Match the twinkle in your eye with some pep in your stride when you step outdoors wearing a pair of our glittering gold Reebok shoes and experience the perk in your self-confidence along the way. Mesh and suede overlays adorn synthetic uppers emboldened with shimmering swathes of colour, which illuminate EVA midsoles that reduce the weight and shock on your feet while keeping them encased in comfort and stability that lasts for hours. Models are available with rubber outsoles for excellent traction on multiple surfaces and you can lace them or pump them up for the fit you prefer.

Revamped Reebok gold shoes strike all the right notes

Shimmering revamped designs from yesteryear offer a bold, refreshing look to our Reebok gold shoes that says you have arrived in style whether your destination is the factory floor, office or school hallway or gym mat. Lock in your comfort level with our dynamic pump action trainers and then pump up the action on the basketball court and studio dancefloor or hit the track or asphalt for a run you’ll remember for weeks to come. Take that glow with you when you hit the streets and wow your friends and passers-by with details that strike the right notes during the day or night.

Gold Reebok trainers: when you need to pull out all the stops

Flashy shoes such as our gold Reebok trainers can make the difference between a mediocre outfit and a truly spectacular one, so if you have the confidence and the derring-do, our shoes are made for you. When you need to assemble outfits that will raise the bar a few notches higher, look to our fabulous catalogue of clothing attire and accessories to find tees and sweatshirts in brilliant colour schemes, shorts and trackpants that showcase fashion-forward designs and graphics, as well as snappy caps and hats and sunglasses to help you pull out all the stops.