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Display your power at the gym wearing Reebok gloves

Reebok gloves are highly recommended for protecting your hands when you work out because they allow you to secure a good grip on training equipment so you can complete your module without causing harm or injury to yourself. Display your pugilistic power wearing a pair of leather boxing gloves designed with lace fastening and Velcro strap to secure the wrist, or the padded, fingerless models for kickboxing and mixed martial arts disciplines. We also offer regular workout gloves that feature special abrasion-resistant areas for durability and our Speedwick fabric, so you don’t lose your grip or your concentration while weightlifting.

Gloves for weightlifting: confidence at your fingertips

Wearing gloves for weightlifting will secure your grip on the bar or barbell and assist you in completing all your sets and with such confidence at your fingertips, you may even press out a few extra reps to establish a new personal best during your rotations on the bench press, squats, biceps curls and triceps extensions. Once you step into the ring for sparring sessions or practice on the heavy bag, our padded gloves afford excellent finger and wrist protection so you can develop the speed and power in your jabs and hooks that is necessary to devastate any opponent you face.

Gym bags are great for carrying your training gear and gloves by Reebok

Our accessories section previews exercise equipment like skipping ropes and training belts that can come in handy when you travel to the gym, in addition to a selection of durable duffel bags and backpacks to carry your Reebok gloves that come with a separate compartment for your trainers. There’s also more than enough room in our gym bags for attire such as tank tops, tees, shorts, sports bras, leggings and sweatshirts or sweatpants, as well as other apparel products that can be found in the clothing section of our online catalogue or at a quality sportswear store in your area.