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These Reebok freestyle Classics bring a sense of ultra-modern style to your workout

If you're looking for a way to push your style forward, one of the best things you can do is look backward. These Reebok freestyle classics have taken a vintage '80s look and given them such a radical update that they’ve become something totally new and totally on-trend. With a supportive leather upper and a lightweight EVA midsole, these trainers give you all the comfort and support you need during your workout while the ultra-modern style ensures that your outfit is seriously in vogue even as you push through your next intense workout.

From the treadmill to the runway, these freestyle classics perfectly balance both style and comfort

When you're looking for a pair of trainers that are perfect for your next workout, there's nothing better than finding a pair that are just as at home when you're strutting your stuff outside the gym as well. Sure, thanks to their robust and durable construction, as well as the terry-cloth lining that keeps your feet cool and comfortable, these freestyle classics are perfect for the gym. However, they're also sleek and stylish enough that they make the perfect addition to just about any outfit for any occasion.

Freestyle classics offer comfort and support with every step – do your other clothes do the same?

While your trainers are doubtless one of the most important elements of your workout ensemble, they're by no means the only things that you need to worry about. The rest of your clothes should be pushing you just as hard and giving you all the support you need. A classic vector crop top or linear leggings not only bring a sense of timeless Reebok style, but the relaxed, flexible fit and soft cotton jersey offer comfort all day long no matter how intense your workout gets.