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Training underwear built for ultimate comfort and reliability

In its continuing efforts to be your number 1 supplier of first-rate leisure and athletic wear products for your entire body, Reebok has unveiled a collection of training underwear designed for your ultimate comfort and constructed to be durable so it or you won’t falter before you cross that finish line. The company has created a collection of sports bras for active women, employing an assortment of choice materials such as breathable nylon in the VB series of Seamless bras and soft cotton featured in the Training Essentials Light-Impact bralette and the VB model of Sheer briefs for women.

Consider underwear for training when you require relaxed efficiency

The VB line of Sheer briefs for women was designed to envelop your pelvic girdle in luxurious softness to prevent chafing and constructed to guarantee a seamless fit that won’t ride up when you move, which makes it a truly indispensable product when it comes to underwear for training. The Studio Nature X Seamless and Reebok Puremove bras allow you to perform all your studio routines like dance and yoga with relaxed efficiency, while the Beachwear Basic Boxer shorts were made for men who like to enjoy a few laps at the community swimming pool or a refreshing sea bath.

Reebok training underwear is an indispensable workout essential

Workout Ready Tri-Back Low-Impact model and the Classics Vector Low-Impact bras are examples of Reebok training underwear considered ideal choices that can be used in combination with your Sheer briefs for maximum comfort when you work out at the gym. Alternatively, you can wear the briefs along with the Hero Racer Medium-Impact Padded bra and Workout Ready Cropped leggings as a comfortable outfit for running and Cross training routines. Check out our other apparel items, like sweatshirts, tees and sweatpants for alternate outfit ideas along with our collection of accessories like socks, gloves and bags for other workout essentials.