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Women Fitness & Training Pink Les Mills® PureMove Leggings Motion Sense™Women Fitness & Training Pink Les Mills® PureMove Leggings Motion Sense™

Les Mills® PureMove Leggings Motion Sense™

Women Fitness & Training

Women Fitness & Training Blue Les Mills® Lux Perform High-Rise LeggingsWomen Fitness & Training Blue Les Mills® Lux Perform High-Rise Leggings

Les Mills® Lux Perform High-Rise Leggings

Women Fitness & Training

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Consider our selection of gym leggings for all your exercise requirements

Women all across the UK would admit that gym leggings are one of the most commonly worn products for training purposes, so Reebok offers an exciting selection of designs to keep you workout ready. Products include tights that are great for leisure wear as well as for practising your yoga positions and dance moves; some of our models are perfect for walking or running, while others are more suited for biking, mixed martial arts training and Cross training regimens. So, whatever your preferred form of exercise, you can be confident that you'll find a pair to suit your needs.

Reebok workout tights for yoga, Zumba or combat training

Reebok workout leggings like the Cardio Lux High-Rise tights and the WOR Meet You There seamless model come in solid colours, which can be used for basic callisthenics and other everyday exercises you can perform at home, while the Yoga Ombre and Yoga Lux Bold High-Rise tights were made for holding postures on the yoga mat. Studio Mesh and Dance Mesh tights are popular models if you enjoy taking Zumba classes, while the Boston Track Club Short tights are recommended for taking a spin on your bike or hitting a spin class, and the Reebok Cross training MyoKnit and the Reebok Lux Bold 7/8 tights are constructed for more robust workout routines.

Exercise leggings in appealing styles with bold designs

Exercise leggings are available in an array of appealing styles and bold designs to make it easy for women like you to put together the ideal outfit when combined with other clothing products from the Reebok online store. The Workout Ready Low-Impact Padded bra is an ideal option in combination with the Reebok Lux High-Rise 2.0 tights and Training Essentials tee, while the Cardio Zip Medium-Impact bra goes well with Classics Graphic leggings and Graphic Series Moto Reebok Muscle tank top. Matching the Nature X Low-Impact seamless bra with the Workout Ready Capri tights and Cardio Performance tank top is another appealing ensemble.