Fitness Training Shoes


Kick off your sport season with our selection of innovative gym trainers

Black, white, blue, laced, strapped, deep profile or flat – it doesn’t matter which fitness shoe you prefer, we’ve got them all. Experience our perfect fusion of modern designs paired with the latest innovations and delivering the ideal support you’re looking for in your gym trainers. Our lift-weight comfort shoes boast the ideal head-to-toe ratio with a stacked heel that supports your back optimally when working out at the gym. Incorporated mesh designs found in many of our shoes are not only stylish, but also allow for added airflow and better breathability.

Training shoes tailored to your athletic needs

The most important thing in a fitness shoe is probably the way it supports your feet, as injury-prevention during a workout is imperative. That’s why we’ve outfitted all of our shoes with the best support technology available to guarantee you ideal grip and stability for your feet. Rubber outsoles provide perfect grip, while added foam inside some of our training shoes cushions your feet and promises ultimate support and comfort. Flex grooves allow you to bend your foot naturally whilst still enjoying great support – which is especially perfect for running shoes and all-day footwear. Who said fitness shoes could only be worn to the gym?

Ultimate walking comfort in all aspects of life

With Reebok gym trainers, your possibilities to combine and pair up are endless, as our timeless designs go with virtually anything. Long gone are the days where gym trainers were only allowed inside fitness studios, so your choice of shoe can become a companion for life. We feature a broad range of athletic and athleisure wear that perfectly matches our assortment of fitness footwear – or you can pair up your shoes with our selection of more relaxed attire, like sport skirts and dresses for her or chill track pants for him.